New-Horizon Counselling
with Naveed Asghar

FAQs and Fees


Q1.  How much is it for a session? 

          Fees are £40 per session with concessions for students/trainee counsellors.

Q2.  How do I make an appointment?

Appointments can be made either by telephone or email.

Q3.  How long are the sessions? 

Sessions normally last up to one hour.

Q4.  How often are the sessions? 

Sessions are weekly though some clients have them fortnightly. Weekly sessions are viewed as more beneficial, aiding continuity.

Q5.  How many sessions will I need? 

It varies from client to client. There is no time scale at New-Horizon Counselling. It is depends on the circumstances and needs of the client.

Q6.  Do you give advice? 

Through counselling I hope to empower you in making your own decisions as no direct advice is given.

Q7.  Where will the counselling take place? 

The sessions will take place in private premises.

Q8.  Do you prescribe medications? 

I do not prescribe any medications or give a diagnosis. However I may collaborate with medical colleagues in exceptional circumstances  with your consent.    

Q9.  Where can I park my car if using that method of transport? 

There is a free car park adjacent to the building where I work.